Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

My Punkin at home in the mountains and her Hanna playing in the snow.
She is in Heaven and loving it there.

I can't believe all the snow we got here in the desert New Years day. It was beautiful and I loved it. Now it's all gone and really coldddd, Great weather to knit and crochet. I think I'll make a scarf  and a Headband for Kimber. She'll probably want all 3 , they are so cute. She still has snow up there in the moutains.

Rowan comes up with the prettiest patterns , I just have to make a few of these headbands, aren't they great ?.
Free Rowan patterns HERE

Ski Bunny Headband pattern here

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  1. thank you so much for your kind comments! I still wish I could crochet, cause I love the headband!.
    Go onto playlist.com. It's all self-explanatory and very easy to do...and then you will have music!!!