Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentines

The true History of Valentines Day
by Mani Niall

5th Century, Rome Mid February was traditionally the time of the Lupercian festival, an
ode to the God of fertility and a celebration of sensual pleasure, a time to meet and
court a prospective mate. In AD 496, Pope Gelasius outlawed the pagan festival. But
he was clever to replace it with a similar celebration, although one deemed morally
suitable. He needed a "lovers" saint to replace the pagan deity Lupercus.
   The martyred Bishop Valentine was chosen as the patron saint of the new festival.
Saint Valentine had been beheaded for helping young lovers marry against the wishes
of the mad emperor Claudius. Before execution, Valentine himself had fallen in love with
his jailer's daughter. He signed his final note to her, "From Your Valentine", a phrase
that has lasted through the centuries.
   Pope Gelasius didn't get everything he wanted. The pagan festival died out, it is true,
but he had further hoped people would emulate the lives of saints. Instead they latched
onto the more romantic aspect of Saint Valentines religious life. While not immediately
as popular as the more passionate pagan festival, eventually the concept of celebrating
true love became known as Valentine's Day.

We know this can't be healthy, oh who cares ?
It's Valentines Day, Enjoy  Y'all <3
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
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How to Make a Heart
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 idea no need for heart shaped pans for this one. 

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