Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hole in the Head and Shopping bags

 Tonight I am going to crochet and watch Hole In The Head 
on Hulu a very old movie with Frank Sinatra.
But before I go I want to leave a link to something I found on
the internet today, it was quit shocking to say the least. I will be making
 a lot more home made  shopping bags after seeing this vid.
I'll be looking for all kinds of shopping bag patterns now.

Free Crochet Pattern: Market Bag

Pattern here

also more patterns at Crochet Central

Make Our 1 Yard, 1 Hour Free Tote Bag Pattern

 For Last Minute Holiday Gift Bags

Knit Shopping Bag

I'll be looking for more shopping bag patterns in this next week.
And last but not least a pttern like the first pair of slippers
I made years upon years ago, Pattern can be found here
with a list of more patterns
Boy do I ever remember making those Pom poms
they were comfortable though.

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