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Raw food and Warm feet

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I'm still crocheting away on the addicting curly scarfs but I am
going to start on these tonight.
I found these over at Molly
Who got them from Bev's Country Cottage
and now I'm going to make a bunch.
Thanks guys the pattern looks supper easy and comfy
Pattern Here

Use an I hook   3 rows of hdc =1 inch   7hdc = 2 inches
Worsted Weight yarn  about 3-4 oz
Rnd 1) ch 2. 7 sc in second ch from hook. join with slst to first sc   7 sts
Rnd 2) ch 1. 2 sc in each sc. join with slst to first sc.    14 sts
Rnd 3)  ch 1. 2sc in first sc .*  ( sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) repeat from * around. Join with sl st to first sc.   21 sts
Rnd 4) ch1. 2 sc in first sc * ( sc in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc ) repeat from * around. Join with slst to first sc     28 sts
Rnd 5)  ch 2 (this does not count as first st in this row or the following rows) hdc in each st around. Join with slst to first st  28 sts. 
Rnd 6- 28 ) Repeat rnd 5
Rnd 29) ch 1 . sc in each st around. join with slst to first sc.
Rnd 30-32 ) repeat rnd rnd 29. end off. weave in ends
Maxine wears a size 7 shoe and these fit her as an ankle length sock. These stretch a little to fit over the heel.
To make larger
you can either use a larger hook or you can add a few stitches in the rounds. (instead of 28 stitches you could have 32 sts or whatever will fit) (you can do this by increasing the number of sts in the 4th round or adding another increase sc round.)
You can also add a few rounds in the body of the sock to increase the length of the sock. these are comfortible to wear and stay on your feet when you sleep.

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