Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raw Almond Milk Demo and Fun Soapy Things

This guy is, I mean "IS"  Awesome !

Bath Salt Pouches

These are really Fun,, make a bunch, fill up a whole glass jar with them
 and keep them in the bathroom. Great in the bath and Pretty to.
Full Instuctions Here
At The Mother Huddles
fantastic place to visit :)
You could sew these up and place in a pretty jar or even a wide mouth mason jar would be nice.
Any pretty jar will do.
Or you could just put all the ingredients in a crock jar with a lid and scoop out what
 need for the bath. Enjoy

 6 cheap washcloths
1 cup sea salt – Coarse because it holds up better in the water for exfoliating
1 cup Epsom salt – Anti-inflammatory, skin softener among other things
1 cup powdered milk – Skin conditioner, gentle exfoliate
1 cup baking soda – My mom has hard water, this will soften it
15 drops of Peppermint essential oil – She is up before dawn and needs a pick-me-up
A few different ideas for a mix:
Oatmeal, lavender buds and powdered milk with a little of your favorite essential oil
Just sea salt and grapefruit or petitgrain essential oil for an invigorating scrub
Salts, herbs, and essential oil
More Soap and Candle recipes
 Here at AllCrafts

How to make
 body soap, dish soap and shampoo
She shows you  how to make these from bars of Ivory soap
very interesting.

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